OCASA Charter (K-5th Grade) COVID-19 FAQ


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What are the pick up and drop off times?

7:25-7:45 Drop Off 7:50 School Starts 2:20 School Ends 2:20-2:40 Pick Up

What are the online check-in times for students?

- The amount of time in school must meet the mandates in Senate Bill 98. There will be a combination of virtual meeting times (TBD by grade bands) and assigned work which can be completed by the posted due date during a time that best meets the needs of your family.

What are the handwashing requirements?

- Students will be provided with hand sanitizer to use upon entering and exiting the classroom. - Students will be able to wash their hands when they use the restrooms throughout the school day. - At OCASA Charter, we have restroom sinks, the outdoor sink, and sinks in all Red Band (K/1st) classrooms. We will encourage students to wash their hands before meals.

Where will lunch be held?

- Lunch will be served on both campuses. We are working on logistics to allow students to eat outside if possible. - Distance Learning students may pick up at a lunch at their respective campus.

How will you conduct recess?

Instructional Assistants from each classroom will supervise structured play activities at OCASA Charter.

How will you handle physical education?

- As in the past at OCASA Charter, physical education will be taught by the classroom teachers and may be implemented during structured playtime. - All efforts will be made to follow the Department of Health and Department of Education guidelines related to social distancing and equipment cleaning.

Will you take a temperature check for each child, each day?

- OCASA will NOT be checking temperatures when staff and students arrive on campus. - Instead, we are asking our families to partner with us by checking each student’s temperature at home before leaving for school. - If your student has a fever, please keep them home. - Parents MUST complete the Parent Square Health Screen Form on a daily basis.

How will you notify us if someone tests positive or is showing signs of COVID-19?

- If there is a known case of COVID-19, we will notify families within the child’s classroom and notify the OCASA community. - If anyone in your family tests positive for COVID-19 or has been exposed to someone who tested positive, PLEASE quarantine your children for 14 days and we will assist with a transition to distance learning during those 14 days. - We will continue to monitor the guidance from the California and Orange County Departments of Health and will adjust our policies as needed.

What is the learning plan for students switching from in-person to remote learning or vice versa? Are the curricula the same for both, or synced with each other?

Students who move from in-person to remote learning will use the same curriculum. Access to the instruction and participation in class will vary depending on the grade/band.

What are the known circumstances/policy that would necessitate a (temporary or permanent) closure of in-class learning?

It is likely that a confirmed case of COVID-19 that exposed students/staff on campus will cause the closure of a class and 14-day quarantine. If the guidance indicates that we should close the school as well, we will follow the guidance.

Will the "don't send a sick child to school" be more strictly enforced? Can a child who is sick do virtual class so as not to incur absences? (hoping this would stop people sending sick kids to school).

- We are asking that families keep students home when they are ill. - Students can participate virtually if they are well enough to do so and it will not count as an absence.

Will online students get their own online instruction or will they be watching the classroom session?

- Students who participate in virtual instruction will be participating along with their class cohort. - There will not be separate teachers for virtual instruction.

Will online students have Music, Art, Spanish, and Engineering?

- Yes. They will participate along with their class.

Are all classes mixed age or just some?

All classes will be mixed age.

If [classes] are mixed-age for all grades, will last year’s teachers give input to make sure students are properly placed in classes according to academic and social abilities and skills?

The previous year’s teachers are always involved in the placement process for students as they move to a different grade.

Can you please provide a breakdown of teacher and aide for both full time and half time students? If they are at school for only three hours, how much instruction time will the teacher be dedicating (not aide time)?

Each class at OCASA Charter (Crown Valley) will have both a teacher and an instructional assistant in the class with them throughout the school day.

Will my child be able to have specialty classes if they are in a 100% in person learning setting? Will my child be able to have specialty classes if they are in a 100% digital learning setting? Will my child be able to have specialty classes if they are in either the am or pm (50/50) in person learning setting?

Yes, all students will have Specialty Classes. Students in the 50/50 environment will have access to Specialty Classes through a digital learning environment.

Will my student get the same level of attention and education as in person students if (s)he is in the virtual classroom?

Because there are two instructors assigned to the 100% in person and 100% online classroom, there will be the same level of attention and education for all students. Furthermore, we have added hardware to each classroom that allows virtual students to participate in class.

What precautions is OCASA going to take for those who decide to send their children for 100% in person instruction?

We will follow the guidelines outlined by the Orange County Department of Health and the California Department of Health. Social distancing guidelines will be followed in the classroom and outdoors. Hand sanitizers will be in each room. Students in Orange Band and Yellow Band (grades 2-5) will be required to wear masks. Please note that Red Band (K-1) students are “strongly encouraged” to wear masks. A custodian will conduct cleaning and disinfection within each classroom on a daily basis. The bathrooms will be cleaned/sanitized throughout the day. All students will complete a curriculum designed to teach about the importance of hand washing, using sanitizer, wearing a mask and social distancing. A link to the OC Together guide outlining what we will do can be found here: https://ocde.instructure.com/courses/669

What grades are students required to wear a mask?

All students must wear a mask at OCASA. The California Department of Health states, “The following individuals are exempt from wearing a face covering: ...Persons with a medical condition, mental health condition, or disability that prevents wearing a face covering. This includes persons with a medical condition for whom wearing a face covering could obstruct breathing or who are unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove a face covering without assistance.” If your child has a medical condition, mental health condition or disability preventing wearing a face covering, you must provide signed documentation from your child’s physician indicating there is a condition or disability. You are not required to disclose the condition to OCASA.

What happens if my student is not wearing a mask (s)he comes to school?

If available, we will provide a mask. If there are none available, your child will be moved outdoors and supervised by an adult. The family will be called to bring a mask to campus.

What will happen if my student is not exempt from wearing under CDPH guidelines and refuses to wear one?

OCASA is required to exclude students from campus, and students will be provided alternative educational opportunities through distance learning.